Academic Focused Program

The goals of academic courses are to build up learning habits and reinforce them by following daily planned curriculum.


- Kinder ~ First grade

Individualized math studying: 30 minutes 4 times a week
Guided E-learning and practicing tools are provided individually. For visual learners, we help students understand the concepts with physical materials which are specially designed for mathematics.

- Second grade & UP

After School
Students have 1 hour of tutoring using the Kids Crew system after completing their homework. Parent will get academic progress report daily for their child.

Summer School and Saturday.
1 on 1 tutoring session started at 9am, 10:30am and sometimes after lunch so 2-3 hours every day.


- Kinder ~ First grade

Leveled reading: 15 minutes 4 times a week
Audio book, on-line book, and/or physical book can be selected individually and students have their own quiet reading time. Teacher also reads a book to them when student picks a physical book. Students share their favorite books and opinions about them, which builds up communication skills and leads to friendships.

- Second grade & UP

Leveled reading/ writing: 20 minutes 4 times a week
Students can choose many kinds of books to read, including classic novels. They share their thoughts and opinions with a peer group and teachers.

Daily Enrichment Program

This program offers students the variety of learning with excitement.


30 minutes once a week (Monday)

Exciting and safe science experiments are provided suitable for school science curriculum. Students work together to follow step by step experiment processes, observe chemical reactions, and learn about difficult scientific terms on the way. Coding is a necessary subject in our students’ generation to learn. Guided by a teacher, students absorb much more information when the lesson is set as a game. That’s why we make coding fun.


30 minutes once a week (Tuesday)

Yoga is a great sport for students in terms of learning how to calm their mind and meditate using breathing and stretching techniques. Dancing helps students actively relieve stress and have fun doing it.

No-Bake Cooking

30 minutes once a week (Wednesday)

This class is for easy making, fun mixing and decorating foods. Students enjoy putting their own flare into the food they make and have an opportunity to try new foods.

Arts & Crafts

30 minutes once a week (Thursday)

Using various artistic materials students can follow their own curiosities and express creativities in many different ways like drawing a treasure map, collaging pictures that tell a story, group projects that span the length of a gym, 2D or 3D art making, and all kinds of painting.

Friday City Library Trip

1 hour once a week (Friday)

To balance out reading between on-line books and physical books, it’s one of our most invaluable times for students to visit the library. They also participate in special programs in the library where all kinds of events can happen like book club, STEM project, or group games.